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Can PlayMyAd Help Me With Advertising Geared Towards Target Audiences?

PlayMyAd Inc. is a modern and advanced targeted advertising platform that allows local businesses to run commercials on televisions in venues that are specifically geared towards their target audience. By utilizing our patent-pending technology you can save time and be extremely successful in your out-of-home advertisingcampaign.

With PlayMyAd Inc., place-based advertising has never been easier by taking three simple steps:


Choose Your Venue

You can select from several different types of venues that are available in your area


Create Your Ad

Our creative team can help you produce an engaging commercial that will appeal to your target audience


Play Your Ad

By using our Proof of Play Report you can see the time, date and frequency that your ad plays at your specified venues.

The team at PlayMyAd Inc. knows that our service is an affordable investment for small- and medium-sized businesses that need to make every advertising dollar count. We offer our services at competitive prices so that any business can start target advertising in one of our networks for as low as $55 a month!

By utilizing PlayMyAd Inc.’s range of services you can also tap into your local market. Our marketing consultants provide guidance and support to help you achieve the results you want. We also offer a large and varied pool of creative talent to help you make the best ad possible. We can help you create an engaging commercial that will quickly and clearly display the content you want your customers to see. When you choose PlayMyAd Inc., all of our amazing and successful services are at your disposal.

What Type of Venues Do You Target?

PlayMyAd Inc. offers a large network of targeted venues. The type of venues your commercial is shown in depends greatly upon the type of audience you are targeting. Our network of venues includes:

  • Bars and Restaurants – If you are looking to reach an affluent and urban trendsetter type of audience, bars and popular restaurants on the social scene should be your target venues

  • College Campuses – College students are active and spend a great deal of time on campus rather than at home watching TV. You can target this special audience by choosing venues that students are likely to visit, including the college gym, bookstore and on-campus hangout spots.

  • Gyms – Consumers who are conscious about their image or are living a healthy lifestyle are likely to go to the gym. You can offer your ad to these high energy consumers by choosing venues like local gyms.

  • Grocery Stores – Choosing a grocery store venue is a cost effective way to reach a large and varied audience. If your business is targeting locals, not a specific group of them, then the grocery store, where all locals are likely to go, is the optimum spot to get your message out.

  • High Rise Elevators – When you are targeting upscale business professionals, consider catching their attention while they ride the elevator. This small effort five days a week can lead to these consumers spending their hard earned money at your business.

  • Malls – Malls allow you to reach an audience of over 100000 people every single month! You can also connect with consumers who are in a shopping or spending frame of mind.

  • Medical Offices – Specific locations, like medical offices, allow you target people who are the most interested in your products or services. Alternative advertising in a venue like a medical office also gives your business more consumer credibility.

  • Salons – If you are targeting female consumers, you can better connect with them at venues like salons. Did you know statistics show that 85 percent of household purchasing decisions are made by females? Take advantage of this demographic by targeting your ads to them.

  • Veterinary Offices – If you want to target local pet owners, do so while they wait an average of 17 to 22 minutes in their vet’s waiting room.

  • Social Billboards – The latest thing in out of home advertising, social billboards are located in the main dining areas of local restaurants and bars to maximize the time your target audience is exposed to your message.

As you can see, PlayMyAd Inc. has an extensive network that is sure to offer something for every business. If you need help choosing the right venues for your business, our experts are happy to help!

What Type of Business Can Benefit from the PlayMyAd Network?

A wide range of businesses can benefit from the PlayMyAd Network including:

Auto Dealerships

Barber Shops

Beauty Salons

Car Rental

Car Wash

Cell Phone

Clothing Stores


Computer Repair


Dry Cleaners



Electronic Stores

Financial Services


Gaming Stores

Golf Courses




Jewelry Stores

Medical Offices

Night Clubs

Real Estate


Sports Venues

This list is by no means exclusive. If you have a local business and want to target your advertising campaign to a specific local consumer population, PlayMyAd Inc. can help!

How Often Will My Commercial Be Played?

PlayMyAd Inc. offers a range of networks on which your commercial can appear. The details will depend on your specific advertising campaign, however here are the average times we offer:

  • Bar & Restaurants Network: 4 times per hour

  • College Network: 3 times per hour or every 20 minutes

  • Fitness Network: 6 times per hour or every 10 minutes

  • College Fitness Network: 8 times per hour or every 7.5 minutes

  • Health Network: 3 times per hour or every 20 minutes

  • Salon Network: 3 times per hour or every 20 minutes

  • Grocery Network: 15 times per hour or every 4 minutes

  • High Rise Elevators: 4 times per hour or every 15 minutes

  • Vet Network: 4 times per hour or every 15 minutes

No matter what type of audience you are attempting to target, PlayMyAd Inc.’s large network is sure to help!


AdGenerator helps you generate results from your advertising by helping us to create a commercial for your business. It is a 7-step process that will help us laser-focus on the key elements of your business and it is a one-of-its kind tool that does not exist anywhere else in the industry.

Access over 70 video templates


Browse the video library by industry to which advertising style you would like for your commercial. The AdGenerator video library has more than 50 beautiful templates and growing. Who knew that location based TV adverting would make your business look this good?

Develop a message that hits your target


You want to say something that is going to speak directly to your targeted audience. The AdGenerator helps you prioritize your messages, so that only the most important information makes it onto the screen and/or into the voiceover.

Drive them into your business with a strong call-to-action


The call-to-action is the great deal that the potential client will receive if they call your business, stop by, or visit your website. This is what motivates them to take to action. This is what can make location based TV advertising more effective than traditional television. Don't know what makes a great promotion? The AdGenerator has over 100 incentive ideas to make your commercial more enticing to potential customers.

After completing the 7-step process, the PlayMyAd creative team will have all the essential ingredients to generate an amazing commercial for your business.

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