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Face-scanning payment

Smart Kiosk Information

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Open platform
1. Cooperation program
2. Objects of service
Device service provider access
Software service provider access
Laying service provider access
Merchant store/point access
Face brushing equipment technical service fee
#Open platform
In order to ensure that the face brushing IoT hardware scheme can effectively comply with relevant industry norms, improve the customer payment experience, and improve the business efficiency of merchants, the WeChat payment team has upgraded the face brushing service platform. Only the face-scanning payment equipment that meet the requirements of "qualified hardware quality, hardware system compliance, and good overall merchant software experience" can be invested. In the market, this requirement needs to be implemented in cooperation with equipment service providers, software service providers, equipment laying service providers and WeChat Pay.

#1. Cooperation program
For the laying service provider of face brushing equipment, WeChat Pay has implemented the "Face Brushing Equipment Technical Service Fee" reward scheme for reference.

#2. Objects of service
The service platform adheres to the concept of open cooperation and co-construction of ecology to provide service support for more ecological partners. "Equipment Service Provider Access", "Software Service Provider Access", "Shopping Service Provider Access" and "Merpot Access" will detail equipment service providers, software service providers and equipment laying services respectively. Access standards and processes for merchants and merchants.

Tips: WeChat Pay has never authorized any third party to carry out activities in the name of WeChat Pay, WeChat, Tencent, etc., nor has it authorized third parties to expand partners and collect fees in the form of agents, franchises or other forms. Official activities and details can be obtained through the WeChat payment merchant platform. If you receive any invitations for suspicious activities, please be vigilant. If you have any questions, please contact WeChat payment customer service to verify and report.

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