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We  made the   BIO - ENROLLMENT and LIVE-PERSON AUTHENTICATION process easy to use and simple to set up.


Users select 2 to 4 BIO IDENTIFICATION features using either FACIAL,FINGERPRINT,RETNAL OR VOICE RECOGNITION on order to start BIO-PAYING there way with FACEPRINT.PAY™

STEP 1 :


Download the FACEPRINT.PAY™ mobile app and create your account - Link your FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE PAY or APPLE Pay to use for future sign-ins if that is your preference however it is not mandatory as once your are authenticated you can use which ever bio-sign in feature you choose to sign in to review or change your account details and view transaction history.

STEP 2 :

Add your bank account or credit card information either manually or using the PLAID BANK SYNC option.

STEP 3 :

Verify your physical identity by selecting the LIVE-PERSON button, This will instantly connect you with

a live representative via video chat with our bio-authentication partner at headquarters. They then will ask you to verify yourself by showing them two valid forms of id and answering a security question in which they already know the answers to at this time you will also be asked if you would like to authenticate your Voice-ID so that part of the enrollment process can be taken care of at this time as well.

STEP 4 :

After the Live-Person video ends you will immediately receive a pop-up prompt to scan your fingerprint using the in app fingerprint scanner,

STEP 5 :

After the Fingerprint scan is completed our Iris scanner will then pop up, you will then just align your face in the circle and take a picture/selfie of your face. If you opted to complete the voice verification during the verification the next step in the process is completed and will automatically be updated in the application. If you opted not to complete the voice verification during that time then you will be automatically prompted to do so in step six which is the last/final section of the/your bio-authentication enrollment process.


You will be prompted with a pop-up to press the record button that is flashing on your mobile device and clearly speak the paraphrase [ FACEPRINT.PAY™ TURNED ME INTO MONEY AND THE WAY THAT I MAKE FUTURE PURCHASES] to complete the/your voice authentication if it was not previously done during LIVE-PERSON video conference, If it was already completed the last thing you will need to do to complete the Bio-Pay Enrollment and Bio-Authentication process is tap on the 2-4 icon images that you want to select to use as you're bio-purchase and payments transaction methods making sure the box on the right hand corner of the image now has a checkmark visibly showing/appearing and then press the SAVE& COMPLETE ENROLLMENT Button at the bottom of your screen. You will then receive an automated text message to the phone number you registered your account under and a welcome email to the email your entered. That's it...YOUR ALL SET TO START BIO-PAYING YOUR WAY using FACEPRINT.PAY™


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